Online quizzes at Little England to keep in contact even while we’re apart

Mr Rob, our mothertongue English teacher in Year 3 & 4 tells us all about how he helps parents and children stay connected through online quizzes: Teaching English in Little England does not simply mean introducing another language. We also want to convey another culture, a different way of thinking to enrich the experience of …

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How to introduce a new topic through distance learning

“The lake” is the new geography topic intended for our year three pupils and is introduced by the video created by Miss Albertina through the use of digital storytelling to make the subject more attractive. The purpose of this methodology is to ensure that with the help of the images, the evocative sounds and the …

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The digital storytelling experience explained by our year three teacher Ms Albertina

Albertina Carrara, our year three maths and geography teacher tells us: Digital Storytelling consists of organising selected content from the web in a coherent system, supported by a narrative structure, so as to obtain a story consisting of multiple elements of various formats (video, audio, images, texts, maps, etc.). It is therefore a form of …

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Game thinking at school: making learning fun!

Ms Francesca Cassavago, our year three Italian & History teacher explains: Trying to make learning fun is essential especially during this moment of difficulty.  For this reason I have created some interactive forms to be used as online games in order to help the children learn. I wanted the children to have fun whilst learning …

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Virtual learning with Miss Martina

We asked Miss Martina, our Year 5 mothertongue English teacher (primary school) to tell us about her experience with distance learning: In our year five English grammar lessons we have been working on direct speech, collective nouns and pronouns. In science we have covered the main parts of the body; the brain, the heart and ...

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Virtual bedtime stories

Eleonora Pisano, our year five Italian teacher (primary school) explains: Virtual classrooms, distance learning, web platforms, technology, videos, pdfs, emails, channels, applications… Welcome to the 21st century school! Yes, school … I feel completely out of place, in a time warp, in a different era. If I close my eyes and think of the word …

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Virtual learning in Year One: Mr Matthew’s experience

We asked Mr Matthew, the mothertongue English teacher of our year one class (primary school) to tell us about his experience with distance learning: In Year 1 we have been working on a myriad of skills and new topics in order to activate and stimulate the children’s minds as they are quarantined in their homes. ...

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A little jar of happiness

Francesca Scattorelli, our preschool coordinator and person in charge of the practical cognitive workshop, explains in this fun video how to create a little jar of happiness! Why not try making one yourselves?!

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Strategies for improving children’s memories

  Elisa Linetti, SEN coordinator and Italian class teacher explains in this video (in Italian) how to stimulate a child’s memory. Teaching children to remember with ease is a very useful tool to acquire, not only for scholastic purposes but also for remebering important moments in their daily lives.

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Easter competition

Our year KS2 teacher Mr Robert Stephenson explains: During the Easter break, despite the lockdown due to Covid19, we decided to hold our annual Easter egg decorating competition. This is a typical tradition for many UK schools. The children painted a hardboiled egg and created a backdrop. It was a really fun activity and the ...

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Theatre during Covid19. New challenges at Little England Bilingual School

Miss Kizzy Kaye, dramatic arts teacher at Little England explains:   In difficult situations like this, theatre can be a useful instrument to help children express their emotions. Through various activities and challenges we can help encourage childen to show their creativity and imagination.   The first challenge was to have an online talent competition. ...

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House Points update:

For the last week and a half: 1st: Nelson 529 2nd: Garibaldi 510 3rd: da Vinci 482 4th: Churchill 422 For the year so far: 1st: Nelson 5025 2nd: Garibaldi 4947 3rd: da Vinci 4798 4th: Churchill 4265

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