House Points update:

For the last week and a half: 1st: Nelson 529 2nd: Garibaldi 510 3rd: da Vinci 482 4th: Churchill 422 For the year so far: 1st: Nelson 5025 2nd: Garibaldi 4947 3rd: da Vinci 4798 4th: Churchill 4265

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Chinese Course

Milla, Megan, Davide and Martina in year 4 and 5 have all been studying Chinese with their teacher Fiori Picco for two and a half years. Today they put on a wonderful mini-show about Chinese New Year. They were all wonderful! Thank you Fiori! Photos posted with permission of their parents.  

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Little Chefs at Little England

To celebrate Carnival our children took part in a fun cooking session with Laura from bimbichef: Here are some pictures of what they created 🙂            

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