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It has been said that music is nourishment for the soul, here at Little England school we start that nourishment from an early age thanks to the MusicaLE programme.


We strongly believe in the importance of music education for children, as confirmed by the studies on the effects of music on the brain published in the Nature Reviews Neuroscience Journal: “The effect of musical education suggests that, similar to exercise and its impact on the well-being of the body, music is a resource that invigorates the brain for auditory fitness, and therefore requires, on the part of society, a re-examination of the role of music in the formation of individual development.” Music is excellent exercise for the brain, especially those areas that influence listening, reasoning and language skills. With this perspective, parents who expose their children to musical activities are offering them a distinct advantage in global development and in their academic success. The areas of development that begin in these young minds will increase the capacity for memory and listening and creative learning with benefits even in children with learning difficulties.

MusicaLE in the Nursery- Green Apples Class
The children in the first year of the Nursery (Green Apples Class) benefit from free MusicaLE classes during the school hours called ABC SING AND PLAY.

MusicaLE in the Nursey- Yellow Apples Class
The children in the final year of the Nursery (Yellow Apples Class) benefit from free MusicaLE classes during school hours called ABC ENGLISH AND ME.

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