Scuola Primaria

dai 6 ai 10 anni

LITTLE ENGLAND Bilingual Primary School is for children aged from 6 to 10 years and is located in Viale Caduti del Lavoro, 19 in Brescia. The Primary School ensures academic and pedagogic continuity from our Preschool.

Our school places great emphasis on bilingualism with an Italian-English education program that perfectly integrates creativity, music, sport and the well-being of the pupil.

Our educational program is derived from a union between the Italian ministerial program (Indicazioni Nazionali- National Indications) and the British ministerial program (National curriculum).

Our Primary school has been is officially recognised by the Italian Ministry since September 2014.

Our Primary school is a bilingual Italian school that, in accordance with the tradition and culture of our country, aims to give children the knowledge of international culture and to be able to use the English language competently.

Bilingualism and the ability to move easily from one language to another contributes to giving children an open mind which enables them to grow in the way they approach the world. Being able to link various ideas and concepts, with a global view helps the brain to develop an elasticity that allows one to adapt easily to the rapid changes that characterise our time.

Great importance is placed on communication and collaboration between our pupils in order to encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning and acquire their own independence.

In addition to encouraging musical instrument lessons, the school offers various extra-curricular activities to its students after school hours including: chess, football, theatre and homework club.

Language teaching

In addition to carrying out lessons in two languages ​​(Italian-English), our students have the opportunity to study other languages:

  • French (one lesson per week during school hours)
  • Spanish (one lesson per week during extra-school hours)
  • Chinese (one lesson per week during extra-school hours)

Little England

viale Caduti del lavoro, 19
25127 Brescia
Tel. +39 030 2511684 / +39 030 322280

Work with us

We are always looking for qualified teachers with experience in a bilingual/international environment. If you would like to work with us please send us your CV. CLICK HERE