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Electronic Register

Through this service, LITTLE ENGLAND PRIMARY SCHOOL guarantees parents a continuous and up-to-date flow of information relating to the educational performance of their children. Absences and any other information can be communicated regularly between the school and parents thanks to a program accessible via the internet.

Homework Online

The daily tasks and homework assigned to students is available on the internet in order to provide greater clarity.



Through this program the teachers at LITTLE ENGLAND PRIMARY SCHOOL can give our students positive feedback on their behaviour and manage their classes, while parents can monitor their child’s progress at school.


Once invited, parents can access through any Apple or Android device and monitor their child’s progress throughout the year or view images and videos related to lessons in English.




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Work with us

We are always looking for qualified teachers with experience in a bilingual/international environment. If you would like to work with us please send us your CV. CLICK HERE