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SARCA are specialists in the school catering business with over 30 years of experience. Out of the total amount of products used by the company 90% of them are BIOLOGICAL and from local suppliers. Produce that can not be purchased locally is sourced directly from the region of its origin.

The national guidelines for catering within schools state the need to endorse, from an early age, healthy eating habits  for the prevention of chronic-degenerative diseases (such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and osteoporosis) of which poor diet is a key risk factor.

SARCA recognise the importance of the sensory experience during eating and  maintaining  high levels of nutrition, whilst adhering to the key principles of food safety. Additionally, they aim to encourage positive, nutritional food choices by regularly assessing the menus and by offering certain special dishes, in agreement with the school, in order to support the teaching of nutritional education.

In addition to producing and distributing meals in compliance with the recommended daily intake levels of nutrients for the Italian population (LARN- Livelli di Assunzione giornalieri Raccomandati di Nutrienti), the school catering team can play an important role in teaching food education involving children, families and teachers.

The SARCA CATERING company help to build a bridge between those providing the catering and the school. Together we have created a project called Food For Thought which aims to help the children understand and appreciate the origins of food. Through this project the children in the Nursery and Preschool learn the origins of a new type of food every month. This is achieved during class time but also during lunch times. The children start to recognise the various nutritional groups and the importance of proper nutrition for their health.

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