Parents Teachers Association (PTA)

All parents and guardians with children enrolled in the school and all teachers and staff of the school are automatically members of the PTA. Class representatives automatically become part of the PTA committee. Every two years a new president, vice president, secretary and treasurer, who are responsible for the organisation of the committee, are elected.

The PTA has various aims; the main one is to improve communication between the school and the parents/guardians. Other aims include organising social events for the parents/guardians and children of the school, to support the school in organising and managing events, suggest initiatives that involve the whole school to benefit all the pupils and support humanitarian associations with fundraising events.

Improving communication between teachers and parents/guardians allows us to work together more effectively, providing a better education for the children.
In the first meeting of the year, every two years, the PTA elects the president, the vice president, the secretary and the treasurer among the parents. Annually the committee will elect new members for vacant spaces.

The PTA committee meets at least five times a year, or when at least one third of its members make a request for a meeting including a detailed indication of the agenda to be discussed. Meetings must be held outside the teachers’ normal working hours.

PTA sessions are credible if half of the members plus one are present; decisions are made by a majority vote. The secretary of the PTA writes the minutes of every meeting, a copy of which is sent to the members of the committee within five days after each meeting. A newsletter is sent to the PTA members every two months.

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