Miss Ilenia’s online lessons

Miss Ilenia’s online lessons help our younger children develop environmental awareness

Here our preschool teacher Ilenia Bazzana explains how she created  a special “news show” in order to teach her class of 3 year olds all about saving our planet.

While on lockdown I thought…

“What can I teach my children from so far away? What can I share with them about my day to day life? Is there ANYTHING I could teach them from the house without having access to the outside world?”

Then many messages appeared everywhere on Facebook.. on the news.. and some straight from nature… the sky was bluer than usual, and more unexpected birds appeared and wild animals ventured out into our gardens. Thrilled by this response from nature, I knew exactly what I wanted to teach my 3 years old pupils!

I therefore reflected upon the things I do to support our planet and I decided to share my daily routines about protecting and saving our planet Earth in a quite funny and friendly way. As a “reporter” from Happy News TV channel I went around my home checking on my soft toys and cuddly animals that were all busy in their daily routines/activities and I praised or reminded them about how best to help and support our planet to keep it so beautiful and healthy!

In order to support this topic and the quite difficult concepts behind it, I shared these three books:

  • 10 things I can do to help my world by Melanie Walsh
  • Love your world by DK
  • Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel

I also made another video with my cuddly toys while they were teaching each other how to differentiate garbage into the various bins and bags in order to support recycling.

Another activity aimed at developing awareness towards this topic was to provide examples of how to react in front of garbage found on the floor in various familiar places, such as on the streets, in the parks and our forests, highlighting the importance of picking it all up.

Further more, one of our most important aims at our school is to encourage our children to recycle materials and resources simply by teaching them to:

Reduce, reuse and recycle!

With this approach we don’t just help out planet or our children to become a better future society members but we also encourage our pupils to further develop their creativity, fine motor and problem solving skills which might support them in coming up with innovative solutions for possible future global issues.

Here below is a video and some examples of the activities proposed by Ilenia:


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