Guide lines for virtual learning at our school

Principles of online learning

In the event of a forced closure of the school, Little England is committed to continue student learning virtually, as been demonstated with excellent results during the current emergency. Virtual learning at LE is focused on two purposes:

  • reach the required curricular skills;
  • pursue the achievement of the aforementioned skills through online learning that is as engaging as learning in class and simulates the class experience as much as possible, through, for example, the use of “Learning Challenges”.

The main features of virtual learning at our primary school are the following:

  • weekly timetable of virtual lessons, assigned to all students;
  • the teacher also sends at the same time, a video relating to the topic of the lesson itself;
  • another video is sent by the teacher relating to the assignment of the tasks for the next lesson and the correction of those of the previous lesson;
  • possibility for individual online sessions with the teacher;
  • individual video lessons with the SEN coordinator for SEN pupils;
  • possibility to receive further information / clarifications by a direct email with teachers.

In a similar way, the teachers of the Nursery and Preschool guarantee online material intended for our younger pupils. In this way our pupils are continually exposed to the English and Italian languages. The didactic material, presented by their class teachers, follows the learning objectives already set out for their classes.

In the preschool, we also offer moments of virtual learning with the class teachers in order to cultivate the essential pupil-teacher relationship.

Stefania Rizzardi

Didactic Coordinator of Little England Primary school

Niki Jane Scavolo

Director of English at Little England Bilingual school

Francesca Scattorelli

Didactic coordinator of Little England Bilingual Preschool

Federica Paolone

Didactic coordinator of Little England Bilingual Nursery School

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