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In our vibrant, friendly and well regarded bilingual school the first thing you notice is our genuine commitment to our student’s psychological and physical wellness and the pursuit of excellence in all areas of learning.

Our school is situated on viale Caduti del lavoro, 19 in Brescia, (Sant’Anna area) and is next to the San Filippo sports centre.

Our wonderful setting and facilities ensure our children are exposed to a wide range of experiences and develop confidence in a challenging, fun and inspirational environment.

At Little England we offer a holistic approach to education by encouraging the development of the whole individual, seeking to find and foster talent whether in the classroom, the art room, in music, on the stage or in the sports field. We firmly believe that all children can and will excel at something.

We encompass the traditional values of good manners and self-discipline coupled with a modern and progressive approach. We offer an education that instils self-assurance and a passion for learning that stays with the children for the rest of their lives. Our exceptional teaching resources, strong academic approach and accessible and enjoyable teaching methods allow pupils to progress individually and reach their true potential in all spheres of school life.

At Little England we are proud of our academic performance and the children are encouraged to reach the very best of their potential, whilst developing both languages. Our students can adapt without difficulty to either an Italian based curriculum or an English/International curriculum should the need arise in their subsequent academic career. Little England pupils characteristically approach the next stage of the educational journey with confidence and distinction.

We hope the following pages of our website give you a useful glimpse into life at Little England; the spirit, energy and enjoyment which make it such a special place.

However, ultimately there is no substitute for a personal visit and we both look forward to meeting you and showing you around our school.

Niki Jane Scavolo & Stefania Rizzardi

Little England

viale Caduti del lavoro, 19
25127 Brescia
Tel. +39 030 2511684 / +39 030 322280


Nursery & Preschool: nikiscavolo@littlengland.it
Primary: stefaniarizzardi@littlengland.it
Per le ammissioni: nikiscavolo@littlengland.it
Per comunicazioni generali: segreteria@littlengland.it
Per amministrazione: amministrazione@littlengland.it

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